Your help is requested for a Tara statue for Tsawa Khangsten
Any donation is welcome | Tara puja for all donors
Dear Sir or Madam,
The Tara Foundation, which is an organisation that helps Tibetan refugees and children in need, has a new fundraising goal for Tsawa Khangsten. We kindly request your support for this new goal.
The two main projects of the foundation are the Gaden Jangtse Monastery in South India and the Kopan Nunnery in Kathmandu. The foundation raises funds, organizes relief efforts and provides approximately 100 sponsorships.
Tsawa Khangsten is the largest and poorest ‘home’ within the great Gaden Jangtse Monastery, and also the home of Geshe Sonam Gyaltsen. For some years now the Tsawa Khangsten is flooded with hundreds of newcomers. Not only refugees from Tibet, but also children from the border regions of Tibet. They are left by their families out of poverty. There was not enough room for all those unexpected habitants in the monastery. The only solution for the growing population was to build new living quarters and a new prayer hall. Theprayer hall is the central point in each Khangsten: life of the monks revolves around this holy spot.The old prayer hall is much too small for the 525 monks so a great member is forced to sit outside. This is almost impossible because of the tremendous heat in the South of India. The Tara Foundation is very concerned about the health and living conditions of the monks and decided to help finance the new construction. This was also done by the organisation of the Lama Dance Tour in Spain in 2008. The building job is nearly finished, but the monks are still in need for money for their Buddha statues in the prayer hall. Which they ordered quite a while ago in Nepal.
The Tara Foundation has a wish to try to raise money for the beautiful Tara Statue. Tara is the female Buddha of compassion and for quick help to anyone who is in need and calling on her. Donating to a monastery is a very positive thing to do, so is the sponsoring of statues. Moreover, today is the Lha Bab Düchen. This is one of the four most important Buddhist holidays. On this day all actions are multiplied 10 million times! On this special day we would like to give you the opportunity to help Tsawa Khangsten to raise the money for the Tara statue and their new prayer hall. The statue is 1.20 meters high and costs 10.000 euro. Many small gifts will help to raise the amount needed: every contribution helps the monks.
The monks have promised to do a Tara puja for all donors, on a prosperous day. Moreover, all donors who donate 50 euro or more are given, either a protective talisman made by monks and blessed with powerful puja's, or a DVD made by the monks of Tsawa Khangsten. These articles are of previous actions and may now be given to donors.
Any contribution is welcome, once or periodically. Your donation is completely transferred to the monastery. And furthermore, tax deductible in The Netherlands.
You can transfer your donation to account number tnv Tara Foundation Balkbrug, o.v.v. donation Tara Statue Tsawa Khangsten. Within Europe you can make your donation without extra costs by SEPA Transfer. You have to mention the IBAN and BIC codes. The full details are: Tara Stichting, De Maat 23, 7707 RM Balkbrug, The Netherlands IBAN: NL74ABNA0522363822 BIC: ABNANL2A Name of the Bank: ABNAMRO.
For ongoing projects related to the Gaden Jangtse monastery please visit our website www.tara-stichting.com. There's always need for money for example for the hospital and for specialist help and food. We are also urgently looking for sponsors for a number of monks. Many of the child monks of Tsawa Khangsten recently lost their sponsor and are waiting for a new sponsor. You can support a (child) monk for 15 euro per month.
Finally, some results of Saka Dawa our action, in June, for the sick nuns of Kopan nunnery.
A high percentage of the nuns has severe stomach problems caused by Helicobacter Pylori infection. Without treatment, cure is not possible and even stomach cancer can occur. Thanks to your help we have succeeded to raise already 4000 euro. This enables us to have about 100 nuns are examined and treated. The treatments are still going on and very promising. But there is still money needed to treat all the sick nuns. The project is supervised by a team of expert volunteers, including a doctor.
Thank you for your support!
Yours Sincerely,
Thupten Dolkar - Tara Foundation Chairwoman