Donations and sponsorship

You can make your donation to
ABN AMRO Bank, account number:
IBAN code: NL29ABNA0431292981
Tara Stichting/Foundation in Balkbrug, The Netherlands.

+From Europe (only EU-countries) you can make a costless SEPA-booking with these details.
+From other countries you need the same details, but then there will be some bankcosts.

Goals for a donation

the * marked goals are the most urgent.
    1. Monks in the Gaden Jangtse monastery in India
    • Sponsoring of a(child)monk* - or from the monastery - for the means of existence (Gaden Jangtse Tsawa Khangsten)
    • The hospital of Gaden Jangtse
    • The emergency fund for Hepatitis-B (Gaden Jangtse)*
    • Help for food (Gaden Jangtse)
    • The libraryproject of Gaden Jangtse
    • The school for the little monks of Gaden Jangtse
    • Help for the paying of the loan of the new prayerhall and rooms.* (Gaden Jangtse Tsawa Khangsten)

    • Help in Tibet: The Drak War monastery

    2. Nuns in the Khachoe Ghakyil Ling nunnery in Nepal
    • Sponsoring of a nun or the nunnery for means of existence
    • Periodical or only once sponsoring of the healthcareproject* (female doctor and education of 3 nuns in healthcare and more.
    • Tara Temple in Sarnath
    • The stupa for Khensur Rinpoche Lama Lhundrup

    3. Children in Bihar
    • Handicapped children in Bihar
    • Maitreya school