Donations and sponsorship

You can pay your donation at:
bankaccount NL29 ABNA
in the name of Tara stichting, Balkbrug
IBAN: NL29ABNA0431292981

+From Europe (only EU-countries) you can make a costless SEPA-booking with these details.
+From other countries you need the same details, but then there will be some bankcosts.

  • We kindly ask you to arrange your payment yourself with your bank.
  • Your donation is tax deductible. The Tara Foundation has the ANBI quality sign of the Dutch Administration.
  • The executive committee of the Tara Foundation pays all expenses of the foundation herself. Every euro of your donation is for the intended target. *
  • Please specify clearly the purpose for which your donation is intended. If no goal is indicated, the Tara Foundation will use your donation where it is needed most at that moment.
  • You can support any general objective you want (from € 5, - per month)! All goals are greatly helped when sponsored on a regularly base!
  • The minimum sponsorship of one (child) monk or nun is 15 euro per month. If you find it hard to support just one monk or nun, you can choose to support the monastery. For example the (child) monks of Gaden Jangtse Tsawa Khangsten or the nuns of Khachoe Ghakyil Ling. This is already possible from 5 euro per month!
  • Sponsors and contributors usually receive an annual letter of thanks from the monastery or from the sponsored monk or nun, who will also do prayers for the well-being of the sponsor. For this reason we as a rule provide your name and address to the monasteries. In case you'd rather not have us do that, please let us know and your donation will remain anonymous or without address.

  • Since a couple of years, individually sponsored monks have to pay the total fee for international money transfer, charged them by the Indian bank. In view of the large number of monks we cannot longer reimburse them for this. We will however continue to do so for all collective goals and sponsoring.

Goals for a donation

the * marked goals are the most urgent.
    1. Monks in the Gaden Jangtse monastery in India
    • Sponsoring of a(child)monk* - or from the monastery - for the means of existence (Gaden Jangtse Tsawa Khangsten)
    • The hospital of Gaden Jangtse
    • The emergency fund for Hepatitis-B (Gaden Jangtse)*
    • Help for food (Gaden Jangtse)
    • The libraryproject of Gaden Jangtse
    • The school for the little monks of Gaden Jangtse
    • Help for the paying of the loan of the new prayerhall and rooms.* (Gaden Jangtse Tsawa Khangsten)

    • Help in Tibet: The Drak War monastery

    2. Nuns in the Khachoe Ghakyil Ling nunnery in Nepal
    • Sponsoring of a nun or the nunnery for means of existence
    • Periodical or only once sponsoring of the healthcareproject* (female doctor and education of 3 nuns in healthcare and more.
    • Tara Temple in Sarnath
    • The stupa for Khensur Rinpoche Lama Lhundrup

    3. Children in Bihar
    • Handicapped children in Bihar
    • Maitreya school