Tibetan refugees in need

The Tara Foundation helps Tibetan refugees and children in need in India, Nepal and Tibet. Besides general help the Tara Foundation is concentrating on healthprojects for fled monks and nuns and provides about 100 sponsorships.

By helping the fled Tibetan monks and their monastries you contribute the existence of the unique Tibetan-Buddhistic culture which in Tibet almost disappeared!

Monks of the Gaden Jangtse monastery in South India

Monniken volgen les in Gaden Jangtse, Zuid India
Monks of the Gaden JangtseTsawa Khangsten.

The original monastery in Tibet was destroyed. The monks who could not flee were killed or put in prison. The monastery was re-established at Mundgod in South India.

The flow of refugees from Tibet continues unabated even today, in addition, hundreds of poor children are dumped in the convent.
No one is refused by the monks but there is a shortage of everything. The children must sleep on the ground in the already overcrowded rooms. Many children and refugees are sick. Urgent help is needed  to help cover general cost of living, food and healthcare.

The foundation’s main aim in the context of the monastery is the Tsawa Khangsten.
This is the poorest part of the monastery in which the majority of the abandoned children live. By sponsoring a(child) monk you help both of them: the monk and the monastery.click here for more information.

Also Tsawa Khangsten has problems with a to heavy loan wich was necessary to complete the necessary new building. Therefore we also need your help to pay that loan.

For the healtcare we concentrate on the little monastery-hospital. also we are focussed on providing medical help to monks who are seriously ill because of Hepatitis B. Many monks suffer from Hepatitis-B. The expensive examinations and medicine can't be paid by the monastery-hospital.When we were told that young monks are suffering because of this, we raised in 2013 the Emergency-fund Hepatitis-B for Gaden Jangtse monks. The monks who are ill get their medicine and treatment they need.
Also information is given to prevent more monks get ill. The disease is mainly spread because of the lack of knowledge about Hygienics en bacause of contamination in cheap 'hospitals'as there are many in India.

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The hospital can't pay these expensive Hepatitis B medicines. We started to cooperate intensively with the monastery-hospital, that is doing our project for us. At the moment 18 patients (14 monks, 1 nun and 3 tibetans) get the Hepatitis B medicine en are supervised with al the medical examinations. The Tara Foundation is paying the costs of the project. We ask for your support to continue the treatments and to help as much ill people as possible.

Nuns in Khachoe Ghakyil Ling nunnery in Nepal

Nonnen in het kopan klooster

In this monastery, near Kathmandu, nuns get almost equal education opportunities as monks, which is still very special. In 2 years the first Geshema's graduate from the monastery.

By the constant flow of refugees from Tibet in the monastery there is over-population. There are allmost 400 nuns, but in wintertime there are 100 nuns extra from the barren region Tsum. We need help urgently for the costs of living and healthcare.
You can help by sponsoring a nun. The sponsor money is for the benefit of all nuns. click here.

The health condition of the nuns is not very good. The Tara Foundation just started with the 2nd healthcareproject, after they finished the first project with success. click here.The new healthcareproject is concentrating on the removal off illmaking circumstances en creating conditions that will improve the healthcare situation. Click here.

The project started with the appointment of a female Tibetan-speaking doctor, who held her consultinghour in the nunnery. This is payed totally by the Tara Foundation.
The foundation also pays the education of three nuns to become a teacher healthcare-information and hygienics. After a study of three years they will teach in their own nunnery,to give a structural contribution for a better health of the nuns. The nunnery gives the highest priority to this project wich contributes to better circumstances. We ask you for a continious support of this useful project!

The nunnery also needs help for repairing the damage caused by earthquakes. Fortunately there were no victims at the nunnery. But the damage to the buildings is enormous.

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ANBI informati

The Tara Foundation has the ANBI quality mark (registration by the Dutch tax council as an organisation of general utility)This means with other things that the tax is deductable with your donation.

For the ANBI- quality mark we are obliged since 2014 to put the policyplan, financial yearreport and some general information about the Tara-Foundation on the website.

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