Children in Bihar India

The orphan house of the Tara Children’s Project for orphans with HIV is unfortunately closed because of insoluble problems with the Indian authorities.

The cildren are now accomodated in a similar orphan house of an other organisation.(Calvary Chapel Trust) in Varanasi.

We ask you now for your support for two other children projects.
Both of the projects are projects of the Root Institute in Bodhgaya, from wich Tara Children’s project also was a part. The Tara foundation is cooperating for many years with them in taking care for ill and vulnerable and poor children in Bihar. The information about both of the projects is for the time being only links to the projects. of course you canb support the projects through the Tara Foundation!

1. Therapy and revalidation of handicapped children (in the Sakyamuni Buddha Clinic):
"Cerebral palsy children" -Photos and video of therapy and revalidation of handicapped and spastic children from wich there are many in Bihar. This is because of earlier epidemics of polio and contagious meningitis and because of cerebral palsy, wich occurs many times in very poor Bihar.

Click here for the video (by this link you can see also other activities of the clinic for poor people)

2. Maitreya school (foor the poorest children):